Chaos descends on the land as armies form and wrest control from the feeble imperial house. Nations rise from the ashes of the once mighty Han, and a new era has dawn for those heroes with the courage to lead, fight, and conquer in the name of their Kingdom.

 Kingdom Warriors is a revolutionary new Three Kingdom's game coming to mobile. Combining the best components of action RPGs, mobile MMOs, and battlefield strategy games, take to the battlefield in a unique adventure filled with legendary and iconic heroes. As we get ever close to the beta tests and release, here is a first sneak peek at some of the gameplay waiting for you in Kingdom Warriors!

 Heroes and Generals

 Take to the battlefield as one of a number of iconic heroes from the epic Three Kingdoms period. Fight as the noble Guan Yu, the skilled Sun Shang Xiang, the cunning Guo Feng and more! Each hero brings their own unique style of fighting to the action-packed combat system, with upgradable skills and customizable equipment to grow your hero in an ultimate RPG adventure!


N.B: After installation, allow the game to download it's additional data online. It's an online game. Join the EU Spirit Stone server if you wanna find me. Thanks

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